EroticUsenet was formed in 1998 in Sunnyvale, California. EroticUsenet commercial software products include: automated e-commerce systems, distribution systems for digital products and services, and multi protocol commercial outsource and site hosting infrastructure. EroticUsenet commercial services include: email, web hosting, and Usenet news. In support of those services EroticUsenet provides proprietary server based programs: a web mail system, a full-featured multimedia newsreader and server based spam detection and removal software.

EroticUsenet’s customer base includes hundreds of long term partnerships with adult entertainment portals, commercial Internet service providers, and corporate direct consumers. EroticUsenet is very active in software development, continuing to improve and expand services with feature enhancements and new product innovation. The company maintains a sales and support office in Austin, Texas, system facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and general administrative offices in Windham, Maine.






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