18 U.S.C. Section 2257 compliance does not apply to Usenet services of any type, from any provider, including those operating on government servers, corporate servers, universities, every major Telco and the tens of thousands of commercial Usenet services operating worldwide on the Internet. Usenet is a protocol or conveyance, designed to propagate millions of daily messages across virtually all Usenet services, EroticUsenet is not a content originator, so there is no content to pledge as child pornography free. The analogy is an International phone company attempting to censor the contents of every phone conversation that takes place on its network. This does not mean we do not contribute to barring the presence of child pornography from Usenet.

EroticUsenet will not maintain a business relationship with any entity or individual responsible for posting child pornography through EroticUsenet, or maintains such material as a component of their service. In addition, we will seek to block or filter originating points of this material, including discontinuing peering relationships with services that do propagate child pornography. EroticUsenet maintains an outbound stream of "cancel messages" to cooperative services that removes material of this type as discovered, not only on EroticUsenet systems, but participating services as well. Erotic Usenet actively assists law enforcement in child pornography investigations. EroticUsenet maintains a system for customers to report to us any infractions of policy regarding child pornography and addresses reports expeditiously.








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